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125 Rt 6a


Welcome to the official website for Vec Surfboards.

Our Boards




41°47'10.8"N • 69°59'34.8"W

Our Surfboards

Hand shaped on Cape Cod in the heart of Orleans, MA by Shawn Vecchione and glassed at Twin Lights in Gloucester, MA by Keith Natti. No other surfboard company in New England offers the quality found in our boards. We continue to offer the best boards to surfers all over the world, all hand made in New England. 





22.2119° N, 159.4122° W


Shawn Vecchione

Otherwise known as "Vec"- Shawn is known throughout as a world class shaper. With his mother, a native Hawaiian, and father, a native Cape Codder, it was inevitable that he would fall in love with surfing and the ocean. 

Shawn started his career as a pro snowboarder for Burton Snowboards and was a pick for the US Olympic Team 1990. After an unfortunate accident where he injured his spine- he retired from competitive snowboarding and flew to Hawaii and learned to ride the big waves in Oahu. 

His heart was still on the Cape. So he packed his bags and headed home. He started the Boarding House. He helped pioneer the first pro contests in New England and traveled the East Coast with support from his sponsors. 

Vec has shaped over 10,000 boards for the likes of Dick Brewer, Billy Hamilton, and his own brand Vec Surfboards. He is considered one of the pioneers of the Stand Up Paddleboard and has made boards for some of the best surfers in the world. Vec is still surfing, shooting photos, and traveling to cold pristine locales for some of the best waves available.

His love for palm trees are getting lost in his love for pine trees. Cape Cod is his home, but his heart is in all of New England. Keep your eyes out for Vec, you never know what he will be shaping or where he'll be surfing...