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125 Rt 6a


Welcome to the official website for Vec Surfboards.


Photographer Ryan Chartrand and Vec find some epic tubes the first Monday in June

Summer 2018 Photoshoot

Shawn Vecchione

Check out some of our 2018 Summer apparel. Available now online and in the shop. Here we have Kai Potter, Katarina Nowack, and Cody DeGroff during our wear test and photo shoot. Kai is an all around ripper that most of you probably already know, Kat lives for the water by surfing, guarding in Wellfleet, and Cody DeGroff put some serious time in the water this winter shooting everyone he could. Get some new apparel if you're diggin' it, and as always, thanks for the support! Photos by Cody DeGroff and Chris Kelly.

Mystery Fish!

Shawn Vecchione

It's that time again! Get your boards ready for summer, fall, and of course winter... We've been shaping a lot of customs lately and the board we're most stoked about right now is the Mystery Fish. Eric Anderson and Shawn have been tweaking this board to make it right... maybe the best board they've shaped together yet... Check it out. Taking orders now!


Support Your Local Shaper

Shawn Vecchione

As surfers, we can all agree that surf shops aren’t just any ordinary shop. A surf shop is a place where you meet people that share your love for something. It’s a place where you establish friendships and build knowledge. It’s a place we can all get caught staring at a tv screen, watching the latest surf film, wondering how Wilko just chucked up that 12 o’clock backhand.

A few years ago I stumbled across an Instagram page called “Building the Revolution,” which was creating awareness about the importance of supporting your local surf shop. It encouraged me to reach out to Steve Cousins, a shaper and shop owner himself, about how the growing online marketplace affects his business.

Owning a surf shop in a small town, he is in the same boat as many other small business owners around the world. Quite simply, There’s no denying that the online marketplace is hurting his business as well as many others. With everything from free postage on most online retailers to their ability to drop prices thanks to a high turnover, online retail is a massive challenge for the local surf shop.

It’s important we support our local surf shops to ensure the growth in our own communities. For many years, these are the very places that have brought us together.

Read more and view the video here.