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125 Rt 6a


Welcome to the official website for Vec Surfboards.



Want to shape your own board? Now you can!

Shaping with Shawn gives you the chance to shape your own surfboard with professional tools and lighting along with guidance from Shawn, a 19 year shaping veteran. Shawn has worked with legends such as Dick Brewer and Billy Hamilton. Shawn directs you all day, from start to finish, leaving you in control of shaping your board.

Within 8 hours, you'll end up with a new board that you shaped yourself! Nothing feels as good as enjoying a ride on a board you shaped yourself... Shape with Shawn and your guaranteed a gem of a board.

Classes cost $350 + the cost of the board. You can purchase your class and board here or contact us with any questions regarding classes and scheduling. #shapewithme

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